Simplifying Event Registration: A UX Case Study

Project Overview

Understanding the User

User Research

I assisted the project manager with user interviews with stakeholders to better understand the problem.

Pain Points

We identified three main painpoints we wanted to address:


Sales partners can have trouble finding information about events because there isn’t a central location for event management and managers have to keep track of information in multiple places.


Personal information is being handled through google forms which multiple people have access to as well as manually through emails and over the phone.


Right now the full registration process is being performed manually. Some portions of the process could be automated which would save time.


Based on our findings, I created two personas to represent our users.




Based on our initial findings, we created requirements and userflow diagrams. 

Events userflow
Events User flow

Mockups and Prototypes

Once we had a plan mapped out, I created low and high fidelity prototypes which we reviewed with stakeholders and users.

Partner View


An example of one of the high fidelity screens a sales partner would see when they log into events

Manager view

An example of one of the high fidelity screens a manager would see when they log into events

Usability Studies and Findings

We conducted interviews with stakeholders and users and iterated our designs based on feedback. Some of these updates included:

  • Color coding registration status so it will be easier for managers to keep track of who’s registered
  • Show a count at the top of the page to let managers easily see the total number of people registered for the event
  • Show a warning if more people are registered than the total number of seats at the event
  • Allow managers to view and edit registration information in case a sales partner submitted their information incorrectly


We want to make the portal accessible to as many individuals as possible.

  • I designed for multiple screen sizes including desktop and mobile 
  • We reviewed all colors and font sizes to ensure legibility on all devices
  • We are translating the page into multiple languages to allow for a global audience

Going Forward