Streamlining Device Maintenance: Firmware Updates through a Mobile App

Project Overview

Understanding the User

Pain Points

Although I did not conduct research directly for this project, I was asked to help design a mobile app that would address the following pain points.


Because lights need to be shipped back for repair, there is a long period time when they cannot be used


When devices are sent back for a firmware update, it can slow down other repairs the company is working on


If there is a firmware issue with new devices, they cannot be sent out to new customers. As a result, new sales are paused, impact revenue



I created a userflow for the mobile app to address the pain points.

Valo Userflow

Mockups and Prototypes

Once we had a plan mapped out, I created low and high fidelity prototypes. I created designs for apple, android, and windows.

Light Mode

Valo High FIdelity

An example of some high fidelity mockups for an iphone in light mode

Dark Mode

valo app dark mode

An example of some high fidelity mockups for an android phone in dark mode


We wanted to make sure to consider accessibility with our design. 

  • We designed for multiple screen sizes for the mobile app so it would be supported by iphone, android, and windows
  • We evaluated the size and contrast for text to ensure legibility
  • We designed a dark mode version of the application

Going Forward