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I helped to improve the shopping experience for employees who are purchasing company gear for marketing and promotional  events.

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The goal of this project was to make it easier for employees to purchase company gear for promotional events. Although there was an online system available, it was frustrating to use so employees would usually place orders over email instead of through the website. We wanted to identify the pinpoints with the old system and create a better experience for user so they would order through the website.


My project manager and I interviewed employees who had used the previous version of the site and stakeholders. We identified pain points and business requirements for the online store.

Based on our findings, I created low and high fidelity prototypes using Figma. We presented the new design to users and stakeholders. Based on their feedback, we iterated on the design.


On the previous version of the site, we identified several pain points and problems:

  • Users did not like the messy interface and wanted something that looked modern
  • There were no filters which made it hard for users to find products
  • There were unnecessary fields in the shopping cart so users often sent emails instead of purchasing through the site
  • Users did not receive any notifications so they did not know if their order went through


Based on our findings, I made the following changes to the design:

  • a cleaner design with uniform sections
  • product filters so users could sort through products
  • a simpler checkout flow that did not include unnecessary fields
  • email notifications so users would know if their order went through
  • desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the design


Previous Design

old shopping experience

New Design

new shopping experience

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