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I helped to design a scientific testing client portal

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Many scientific labs do not have a user friendly interface where users can submit samples for testing. As a result, submitting samples can be a complicated processes, requiring multiple emails back and forth or phone calls. We wanted to create a user friendly way for customers to submit samples online. My team wanted to create a portal where customers could:

  • manage users in their organization (add, edit, and remove users)
  • update their company and individual profile information
  • submit samples to the lab for testing
  • see the status of samples that have been submitted for testing and download results
  • do more in the future as the application grows


  • My account manager and I looked at good and bad examples of dashboards, user management flows, and long forms
  • We conducted interviews with stakeholders and users
  • Based on requirements, I created low and high fidelity prototypes
  • We conducted user testing
  • Based on user feedback, we iterated on designs


Account Managment

Sample Submission

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