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I designed aresponsive website to help connect individuals in a community with service opportunities and local volunteers.

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My Role:

UX Designer, UI Designer, Researcher

Purpose of Project:

The purpose of this project was to create a website that would have a positive impact. This website is designed to help users learn about service opportunities and organizations in their community and to help event organizers connect with local volunteers.

Target Audience



Problem Statements:

  • Andrea is a tech professional who needs help learning about service events because she’s new to the area and wants to connect with her community but doesn’t know how
  • John is a service organizer who needs help finding volunteers becuase he has trouble advertising events and connecting with people locally

Wireframe / Low Fidelity Prototype


Link to the low fidelity prototype



  • Study type: Moderated usability study
  • Location: Remote
  • Participants: 4 users from age 30 to 45
  • Length: 15 – 30 minute sessions


  • Users found filters helpful for finding data as long as the topics did not overlap. Overlapping filters confused users
  • Users were able to navigate the site but adding more visual emphasis to the main calls to action made it easier for users to navigate the site.
  • Users expressed that they would use a variety of devices to access the site so responsiveness was a high priority.

High Fidelity Prototype

high fidelity

Link to the high fidelity prototype

Home Page
screen 6

Accessibility Considerations

  • Color: All colors in the final design have a high contrast ratio so users will be able to easily read text and see visual elements
  • Icon Text: All navigation icons have corresponding text so they are easier to understand
  • Hierarchy: The flow of information follows a standard hierarchy so it can be understood by screen readers
  • Responsiveness: The project was designed at three sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile) so it can accommodate various size screens
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What I Learned

What stood out most to me while I was working on this project was the importance of thinking about the “why” and not just “what” you’re designing. It’s important to understand the impact a project can have and to try to make the world a better place with your designs.

Next Steps

  • Conduct additional usability tests to further improve the design
  • Study other websites and apps to look for new features to add
  • Talk to users to see what features they like and what suggestions they might have for additional features

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