From Confusion to Clarity: Revamping Product Training

Project Overview

Understanding the User

User Research

I assisted the project manager with user interviews with stakeholders to better understand the problem.

Pain Points

We identified two main paint points we wanted to address.


Many trainings were available that partners and their managers did not know about. As a result, fewer people were using the system because of a lack of information


Trainings were being managed through a third party site. There were no ways for partners to find the training site without a direct link.


Based on our findings, I created two personas to represent our users.




Based on our initial findings, we created requirements and userflow diagrams. 

  • Allow managers to assign trainings to partners 
  • Allow managers to track partner’s progress through the courses
  • All managers to view high level course statistics
  • Create an easy way for partners to find and access trainings
  • Allow partners to track their progress through courses
training userflow

Mockups and Prototypes

Once we had a plan mapped out, I created low and high fidelity prototypes which we reviewed with stakeholders and users.

Partner View

An example of one of the high fidelity screens a sales partner would see when they log into training

training high fidelity

Manager view

high fidelity training

An example of one of the high fidelity screens a manager would see when they log into training

high fidelity training

Usability Studies and Findings

We conducted interviews with stakeholders and users and iterated our designs based on feedback. Some of these updates included:

  • Listing the languages each course is available in so it would be easier for managers to assign the right course to their sales partners
  • Adding the length of each course so partners will know how much time they’ll need to plan to completing the course
  • Adding a help link at the bottom of the page where partners can find the contact information for their manager in case they run into questions with the courses


We want to make the portal accessible to as many individuals as possible.

  • I designed for multiple screen sizes including desktop and mobile 
  • We reviewed all colors and font sizes to ensure legibility on all devices
  • We are translating the page into multiple languages to allow for a global audience

Going Forward