Flower Co.

I designed a responsive website for a local flowershop

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My Role:

UX Designer, UI Designer, Researcher

Purpose of Project:

The goal of this project was to design a responsive website to help users order flowers

Target Audience


Persona 2

Problem Statements:

  • Lisa is a bride to be who would like to be able to design custom flower arrangements because she wants to plan flower arrangements for her upcoming wedding.
  • Eric is a husband who wants to be able to pick up already made flower arrangements so the he can surprise his wife with a present after work

Wireframe / Low Fidelity Prototype

Low Fidelity

Link to the low fidelity prototype



  • Study type: Moderated usability study
  • Location: Remote
  • Participants: 4 users from age 30 to 40
  • Length: 15 – 30 minute sessions


  • Users enjoy being able to shop by category instead of seeing all results on the same page
  • Users like seeing a confirmation page after submitting an order
  • Visual elements like images help users navigate the site

High Fidelity Prototype

High Fidelity

Link to the high fidelity prototype


Accessibility Considerations

  • Color: All colors in the final design have a high contrast ratio so users will be able to easily read text and see visual elements
  • Icon Text: All navigation icons have corresponding text so they are easier to understand
  • Hierarchy: The flow of information follows a standard hierarchy so it can be understood by screen readers
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What I Learned

Different users can have different needs from an application. It’s important to look at multiple perspectives so an application can better help everyone and not just one target group of users.

Next Steps

  • Conduct additional usability tests to further improve the design
  • Study competitor apps to look for new features to add

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