Building Better Beginnings: A UX Case Study on Employee Onboarding

Project Overview

Understanding the User

Pain Points

I spoke with stakeholders and insurance agents and identified the following pain points:


Agents did not know who they could ask questions to. They would run into an issue and would not be able to finish their paperwork.


The process of getting contracted with the carriers, changed over time. As a result, new agents would be told wrong information by agents who were already in the field


Awakening Financial Group would pay for each new agent to get licensed and contracted. As a result, they lost money every time an agent left and they would have to hire a new one.


Userflows and Requirements

I created userflows for a design that would:

  • Allow Managers to easily add new team members to the company CRM without needing to navigate to another site
  • Walk new agents through the steps to get their insurance license
  • Walk new agents through the steps to get contracted with insurance companies
Onboarding Userflow


I sketched low fideity designs using paper and pencil and then moved on to building the project. Because I was using a WordPress builder which is easy to use and update, I designed directly in WordPress instead making a high fidelity mockup in Figma.

I created interactive checklists that agents could reference as they go through the onboarding process. These checklists include videos, screenshots, links to relevant websites, and links to additional support articles and resources I created. Here are some screenshots from the website: 

Onboarding Screenshot
Example from get licensed

Usability Studies

I am in the process of gathering user feedback. I am conducting user interviews with agents who go through the process to identify additional pain points. I have also installed heat mapping and analytics with the goal of identifying patterns in user behavior and opportunities for improvements.

Going Forward